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Ex­hi­bi­tion: De­fi­ance and Utopia

Finnish Queer Comics Across Decades

Turku City Library

Image: H-P Lehkonen

Defiance and Utopia: Finnish Queer Comics Across Decades (opens in a new tab)is an exhibition organized in collaboration with the Diversity in Finnish Comics (opens in a new tab) and Trans*Creative projects and H-P Ontto-Panula (Lehkonen).

Defiance and Utopia offers an exploration of the history and contemporary landscape of Finnish queer comics. Celebrating the diversity within this genre, the exhibition delves into the secrets of creating comics. Featuring artists and publications spanning from the 1970s to the present day, it provides a journey through the evolution of queer comics in Finland.

The artists featured in the exhibition include Arielle Anttonen, Pii Anttonen, Anayte Delahay, Jesse Ghost, Eve Kajander, Tuomas Myllylä, Anna Oikarinen, H-P Ontto-Panula (Lehkonen), Sari Sariola, Sara Valta, and Siiri Viljakka.

There will also be a discussion event linked to the exhibition on May 17, 2024, starting at 17:00 in the Studio space (Turku City Library). This event is open to the public. Jesse Ghost, Annukka Leppänen, H-P Ontto-Panula (Lehkonen), Johanna Rojola, and Anna Vuorinne will lead a discussion on the history and current situation of queer comics.

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This project is funded by the Kone Foundation (2021-2024).

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